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  • gun and bible
    Gun & Bible 2016
    gun and bible

    Album Name: Gun & Bible

    Genre: Country

    Released: 2016

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    Album Details

    GUN & BIBLE:  According to Nashville songwriter Brenda Best who penned a new song Gun & Bible (ASCAP) says she was sitting in front of her TV watching CNN when she wrote the song.  She says:  “Crime happens and I wonder how fast a 911 dispatcher could send the cops out to save your life?  If I’m in a situation where bad guy vs. me, I want to save my life and the lives of family, friends and co-workers from lunatics who own illegal weapons and decide to attack nice people”.   She went on saying that she [hates] assault rifles and that only the Military should have access to such weapons, but that civilians should have the right to carry handguns, and to preserve the right to bear arms as stated in The Constitution of The United States. When we asked her about the Ten Commandments, she says that she hopes to please God by abiding by His rules.   She adds:  “It helps me stay on track preventing my conscience from derailing or making bad decisions”.   Listen FREE @

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    Sample Tracks

    1. Gun & Bible 00:01

  • les annees
    Les Années Dorées – French country song 2015
    les annees

    Album Name: Les Années Dorées – French country song

    Genre: French

    Released: 2015

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    Album Details

    Nashville Tennessee: Singer / Songwriter Brenda Best wrote a new French country song “Les Années Dorées”.  The English version “Golden Years” is an an ASCAP award-winning song (2011). She has many “fans” in several countries around the world, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Guadeloupe, Ivory Coast of Africa, and his native Canada. We are sure you will like this romantic love song… Download it @ CD Baby

    FRANÇAIS: Nashville Tennessee: Chanteuse/Auteur Brenda Best a écrit un nouvelle chanson française “Les années dorées”. La version anglaise “Golden Years” est une chanson primé par ASCAP (Société Américaine des Auteurs et Éditeurs et Composeurs) depuis 2011.   Elle a de nombreux “fans” dans plusieurs pays à travers le monde, la Belgique, la France, la Suisse, la Guadeloupe, la Côte-d’Ivoire de l’Afrique, et son pays natal Canada. Nous sommes sûrs que vous aimerez cette chanson d’amour romantique … Téléchargez

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    1. best of brenda best
      The Best Of Brenda Best 2014
      best of brenda best

      Album Name: The Best Of Brenda Best

      Genre: Country

      Released: 2014

      Album Details

      CD with 16 songs “Best of Brenda Best” (a collection of the best songs from her 4 previously released CDs)

      1. Unnecessary Obligations
      2. A New Me
      3. Ordinary Woman
      4. Eminent Domain
      5. *Golden Years (50th Anniversary Song)
      6. Look At The Mood I’m In
      7. Summer
      8. Facebook Friend
      9. Language of Love
      10. If I’d Have Been There
      11. Can You Promise
      12. 100% Cotton
      13. Strength In Numbers
      14. Benefit of The Doubt
      15. Call It A Night (Remix Club Dance)
      16. *Checking Up On Your Behavior (Christmas Song)

      Sample Tracks

      1. Can You Promise 00:01

    2. cotton
      100% Cotton (Single) 2012

      Album Name: 100% Cotton (Single)

      Genre: Country

      Released: 2012

      Album Details

      A real life incident led to the October 1st , 2012 release of Brenda’s single and video entitled “100% Cotton”.

      “100% Cotton” mocks an incident involving Brenda, a Cotton Field, and a local police officer. It was released to all the major music outlets and is currently available in the store here, via mail order.

      Sample Tracks

      1. 100% Cotton 00:01

    3. facebook friend
      Facebook Friend 2011
      facebook friend

      Album Name: Facebook Friend

      Genre: Country

      Released: 2011

      Album Details

      Brenda released her CD entitled “Facebook Friend” on June 1 of 2011.

      In February of 2012 the song Amen Facebook Friend was released to radio in the US.

      “Facebook Friend” made history in Summer of 2012, winning Album of The Year at the Nashville Independent Music Awards. This marked the first time a Country Album was nominated for or won that award.

      Sample Tracks

      1. Unnecessary Obligations 00:01

      2. Summer 00:01

      3. Call It A Night 00:01

      4. Amen Facebook Friend 00:01

    4. collection
      The Collection 2007

      Album Name: The Collection

      Genre: Country

      Released: 2007

      Album Details

      In 2007, Brenda released "The Collection". It is a compilation of songs from 1999-2007.

      One of the songs on "The Collection" titled "Golden Years - 50th Wedding Anniversary Song", won an ASCAP PLUS songwriter award in September of 2011.

      Sample Tracks

      1. Eminent Domain 00:01

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    About Brenda

    • Brenda Best

      Brenda Best

      Quick Facts

      Full Name: Brenda BestPlace Of Birth: CanadaOccupation: Singer/Songwriter

      Who Is Brenda Best

      A Nashville based singer, songwriter, and guitarist whose main genre is country music. She’s a four-time Nashville Independent Music Award winner (NIMA), a member of The Country Music Association (CMA), The Gospel Music Association (GMA), Nashville Songwriter Association International (NSAI), and a voting member of The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS). She recently won an ASCAP award for a song she penned titled “Golden Years”.

      Brenda, a native of Canada, has a love for music and has sang & played guitar since the age of 10. She moved to Nashville in 1999 with a passion for songwriting. Upon her arrival to Music City, she performed acoustic gigs at The World Famous Tootsies Orchid Lounge during the day and in the evenings, she performed at The Nashville Palace. She was a guest every Saturday night with the house band for 3 years.
      She joined a country music production show at The Nashville Nightlife Theater in 2001, and 15 years later she is often invited to perform as a featured guest at The Nashville Nightlife's "Best of Country Music Show".

      She has showcased at The Bluebird Café, on Billy Block's Western Beat, and America's second longest running Grand Ole Opry's Radio show, "The WSM Midnite Jamboree".