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GUN & BIBLE: According to Nashville songwriter Brenda Best who penned a new song Gun & Bible (ASCAP) says she was sitting in front of her TV watching CNN when she wrote the song. She says: “Crime happens and I wonder how fast a 911 dispatcher could send the cops out to save your life? If I’m in a situation where bad guy vs. me, I want to save my life and the lives of family, friends and co-workers from lunatics who own illegal weapons and decide to attack nice people”. She went on saying that she [hates] assault rifles and that only the Military should have access to such weapons, but that civilians should have the right to carry handguns, and to preserve the right to bear arms as stated in The Constitution of The United States. When we asked her about the Ten Commandments, she says that she hopes to please God by abiding by His rules. She adds: “It helps me stay on track preventing my conscience from derailing or making bad decisions”. Listen FREE @

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